Recension från utställningen LIBERATED DREAMS, Mostra internationale D´ ARTE,
April 2012, Ferrara :

As a painter, Cicily E Bäckström is unsparing.This Swedish artist possesses the wunderful quality of commitment, in art as well as in life. To give oneself means to be free, and the painter-whose works are displayed worldwide-lives for freedom; as she herself declares, that is her creed.

Her paintings are impressive for the very intensity, and passion they excude. They are the result of an instinctive, primeval gesture; yet, as happens with the best examples of abstract painting, they also experience the gentleness and abandon of the liberating pleasure of surrendering to creativity without formalisms, in complete rapture.
Bäckström´s relation to colour is almost a dance; as if led by her unconscious, she allows lines, trajectories and reverberations to lift off from the canvas, with astonishing light, depth and power effects.
Sweden is after all a land of high-standing literature, cinemathography and painting, which digs deep into human being.

Despite displaying at times an enchanting lightness, Cicily does not shirk her destiny. So, whereas the atmospheres and chromatic choices of some such works as “Volf vram” and “Pallas Thunduri” remind of the cold and rigid climates of her native Sweden, others, like Uniform husar and Rose garden can involve with the warmth of their colours, rather distant from the icy atmospheres familiar to the artist.

When the impulse is authentic, it knows no limits, for it talks to the soul.
Michela Turra
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