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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay 1945 is an artist, mural painter, illustrator, designer, jazz and bossa nova-musician who currently works mainly in Sweden. With an international career including monumental mural paintings, design assignments at theatres and operas, and sculptures in public spaces, his work includes numerous group and single exhibitions all over the world. He uses a multitude of techniques, like acrylic paint on canvas, ink drawing, collage, and computer graphics. Among his assignments as an illustrator and caricaturist att the Argentinian journal Panorama, Swedish journal Kommentar, and several book illustrations, for instance short stories by August Strindberg \"Distress at Sea\", he is currently (2009) illustrating a book conveying cultural aspects of psychoanalysis, connecting the work of Franz Kafka with the theories of Sigmund Freud. José Liard has been acknowledged in the Swedish Television Cultural News for his pedagogical work engaging young people and graffiti artists in the communitie of Malmö.
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